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Cloud Technologies are currently taking over the IT industry across the globe. The IT industry is booming with next-generation technologies which is changing the face of businesses. A major breakthrough for cloud technologies was during the Covid-19 Pandemic where most of the companies opted for work-from-home culture. Most of the companies are focusing on digital innovation through the trending cloud technologies. The demand in the US job market for the cloud technologies have significantly increased.


In this blog, let us discuss the top cloud trends and evolving new technologies. To an extent, majority of the IT companies like Cisco believe that Cloud data centers currently process up to 94% of the workloads. Since the world is moving towards automation, cloud implementation is required for most companies. One of the advanced cloud technologies, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is widely used by most companies for cloud deployments. Similarly, there are other technologies like Microsoft Azure that is designed to support applications. It is apparent about the current scenario in the IT industry.


Now, let us delve further into a ‘Career with Cloud Technologies’. A career in the IT industry with cloud knowledge and skills is expected to be a high paid job and there is a high chance to upgrade one’s career by learning alternate technologies. Google, Amazon and Microsoft are the major cloud service providers which enhances the cloud business. Ever since the pandemic hit the world, cloud technologies played a major role for the IT industry to easily switch the work environment from On-site to Work from Home. Currently with cloud, there are two kinds of career paths.


It is very important to understand the best certification before initiating a career in cloud. Multiple courses are in high demand to achieve a cloud certification and it entirely depends on what is high beneficial. Technology is very economical right now, due to which the demand for cloud professionals in only rising every day.


Our company CloudBridge Solutions is an official partner for Microsoft Azure and AWS,  works with various vendors and clients by providing resources & services based on requirements. Alternatively, our company also provides training for candidates to enhance their skills. Most companies/employers look for candidate with consistency of quality work. Henceforth, it is very important to build a strong professional portfolio. The knowledge and skills acquired while being trained/certification, will provide determination and confidence to jump in the cloud world.

Career with Cloud Technologies