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The labour market in the US sent shockwaves by laying off many employees due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Statistics indicate that of those who say they personally lost a job, half say they are still unemployed, a third have returned to their old job and 15% are in a different job than before. I graduated in 2019 during the Covid-19 pandemic and the economy hit me. due to lay-offs, companies weren’t hiring new employees. The struggle for survival has begun.


However, there was no luck in the job market, and I decided to join a consultancy and opt for next-gen technology training courses, while looking for jobs. A known acquaintance helped me to get the contact of CloudBridge Solutions based in Nashua. One of the team members helped me understand the process of the training courses and the process of placement with the direct clients. I felt confident to join the company based on couple of other employee testimonials. The onboarding process was quite simple, where I had to send all my educational documents and relevant documents.


I chose to take the Microsoft Azure training, as the company was a direct partner for Microsoft and had the confidence that, I may get placed with one of the direct clients. The training course had a smooth curriculum, with advanced technologies and tools. The training was useful and helped me at a later stage in my job. Apart from taking up the training course, my main focus was on point, aiming for a job during the pandemic situation. CloudBridge solutions provided me so many job opportunities, and also helped me prepare for the interviews. After a long wait, I was successfully able to secure a job as a DevOps engineer with Azure cloud, at a direct client of CloudBridge solutions.


The azure training which I chose to take at CloudBridge, helped me gain more insights into how a project works using the Cloud Azure platform. Various tools and techniques are now helping me with my current role. Alternatively, I was able to familiarise myself with the Azure AD, MFA configurations, domains and custom domains, location condition configuration, implementation of Azure AD SSO, Azure SQL databases, NoSQL databases etc. Although I recently graduated, I had prior work experience in the IT industry, henceforth, I was able to grasp the technical knowledge quite easily.


I will always be indebted to the company for helping me with the job opportunities, amidst the decline in the US labour market. Currently, I am working with the same client and will complete 1 year in June 2021. From what I know (hearsay from friends & acquaintances), most consultancy companies do not randomly hire fresh graduates, but the company believed in me and gave me many opportunities. I am still working with CloudBridge Solutions (my employer) and client (project) since 2020. It was a battle for survival during the pandemic, which led me to CloudBridge solutions, and finally being placed at the client. I am thankful for the entire Hire to Placement process.





Employee Journey with CloudBridge