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Technology is evolving rapidly and more advanced technologies are emerging in the IT industry. The industry is welcoming new next-gen technologies that allows businesses to emerge successfully in the current economy. In many ways, Covid-19 will act as a catalyst for a whole host of changes, especially work from home options for all major organizations. Let us discuss the top trending technologies and how these technologies may help you boost your career.


             Companies like Amazon, NASA, Capgemini, Oracle, Cisco etc are investing in “DevSecOps”. It stands for Development, Security and Operations, DevSecOps seems to find its way deeper into our DevOps market. Many companies find it challenging and tedious, but since the technology includes both software and hardware, the development process becomes easier. The goals for this transformation provided the necessary impetus to drive change. Transformation had to be accomplished with automation everywhere to achieve the speed at scale.

Career: Banking and health sector are trying to adapt to this technology to enhance their business services. There is high demand for DevOps and DecSecOps engineers, within the industry. Skills like CI/CD pipeling, Jenkins, Splunk, Git etc are essential to secure jobs within this area.


Big Data Analytics

Big data has been in the market for a long time where most of the companies are adopting to this technology for data storage and processing. Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Google are investing in this technology to advance their business opportunities. There is more career potential and companies’ welcome professionals with these skills. Data visualization, Artificial Intelligence and Extended reality are the next-generation advanced technologies trending in 2021, as part of Big Data analytics.

Career: Most people who chose Big data analytics as their career, successful in securing high paid jobs, due to the demand in the market. SQL, Python, and analytics are the essential skills.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another technology trend that has had a massive impact on the way Big Data analytics are carried out. Many companies now find themselves looking towards hybrid cloud systems, where some information is held on Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud servers, while other, perhaps more personal or sensitive data. Cloud providers are increasingly on-board with this trend, offering “cloud-on-premises” solutions that potentially provide all of the rich features and robustness of public cloud but allowing data owners full custody of their data.

Career: There is high demand for people with cloud computing skills in the market. Architects, developers, data scientists, security developers etc are the type of jobs that people can secure with essential skills.


Trending Technologies in 2021